A Just Scotland March and Rally

March_Rally_ribbonJoin the YCL at the STUC organised ‘For a Just Scotland‘ March and Rally on the 18th of October. Post referendum we need to unite to fight austerity in Scotland and across Britain. The sham economic recovery paraded by the Tories bears no relation to the reality of the lives of workers across Britain who have been, and continue to be, pummeled with endless austerity, unemployment and falling or stagnant wages.

Add your voice to the thousands marching for an end to austerity and poverty wages – and join the YCL in arguing the only solution that can work is Peace and Socialism!

The march leaves from Glasgow Green at 10:30am on Saturday the 18th of October – visit the A Just Scotland website for more details about the march route, accessibility and transport to Glasgow.


About yclscotland

The Young Communist League is the Marxist-Leninist youth wing of the Communist Party of Britain. This page is for discussion of Communist theory, news, views and analysis. The page features news and events from the various YCL branches across Scotland. The views expressed may not necessarily be that of the YCL
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