Morning Star Conference: How to Beat Austerity?

mstar_2015_spring_conference_slideSunday 1st March 2015 11am – 3:30pm

@ STUC Building (above Stand Comedy Club), 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 6NG

The Conservatives are demanding another four years of drastic cuts – one and a half times those already inflicted. Come to a vital Star conference to analyse and organise against austerity.

HOW TO DEFEAT AUSTERITY? Conference Programme available here

By 2019-20 they intend to sack a million public sector workers and to slash government spending back to the level last seen in the 1930s.
The Labour Party is also committed to a ‘balanced budget’ – though it says it will cut less and raise more through taxes.

The conference will focus on two key questions:
• how far the Scottish parliament’s existing powers and the additional ones from the Smith Commission can defend Scotland from austerity – if there is a political will to tax the rich, strengthen the public sector and reverse privatisations
• How, across Britain as well as Scotland, a mass movement can be developed to defeat these policies and, no less important, the anti-working class and anti-trade union ideology that lies behind them
The Morning Star is the world’s only English-language socialist daily. It has been published since 1930. It can be ordered at any newsagent and subscribed to online at

Stephen Boyd Assistant Secretary, Economic Policy, STUC
Jane Carolan Unison Chair of Policy; member of TUC General Council
Jackson Cullinane Political Officer, Unite Scotland
Neil Findlay MSP for Lothians, Labour
Roz Foyer Senior Organiser, Unite Scotland
Tom Kirby People’s Assembly, National Committee
Richard Leonard Political Officer, GMB Scotland
Jennifer McCarey Chair, Glasgow Trades Union Council
Phil McGarry RMT Scotland Political Officer
Eddie McGuire Chair Scotland & NI Committee Musicians’ Union
Angela Sabino Democratic Women’s Movement of Portugal
Prem Sikka Professor of Accountancy, Essex University
Chris Stephens SNP Trade Union Group


About yclscotland

The Young Communist League is the Marxist-Leninist youth wing of the Communist Party of Britain. This page is for discussion of Communist theory, news, views and analysis. The page features news and events from the various YCL branches across Scotland. The views expressed may not necessarily be that of the YCL
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